PR01 90 Feet x 1/4 Inch (7mm) – Strong Polypropylene Rope

  • Model number: PR01
  • Material:Polypropylene

  • Outdoor Activities: This polypropylene rope is excellent for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, boating, and fishing. Use it to secure tents, tie down gear, or set up makeshift clotheslines.
  • Home and DIY Projects: It’s a versatile tool for DIY enthusiasts. Use it for crafting, gardening, or even for hanging decorations and lights.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Keep this rope in your emergency kit for various survival situations, such as building shelters, securing loads, or creating makeshift tools.

  • Strength and Durability: Polypropylene is known for its high tensile strength and resistance to abrasion and stretching, ensuring the rope’s longevity and reliability.
  • All-Weather Performance: This rope can withstand exposure to the elements, including rain and UV rays, making it suitable for outdoor use in any weather conditions.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle: Despite its strength, polypropylene is a lightweight material, making the rope easy to carry and work with.
  • Versatile: The 1/4 inch thickness and 90 feet length provide versatility for a wide range of applications, from securing heavy loads to crafting projects.
  • Cost-Effective: Polypropylene rope is an affordable choice for those seeking a strong and reliable rope for various purposes.

  • Customized service:  packaging can be customized
  • MOQ: 5pcs
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